Your Love Is The Key


Love is one of the most powerful feelings that run the entire Universe, not just this world where we live. It has created and fulfilled everything you can imagine, our World, our galaxy, The Universe, All-That-is. Love goes beyond our comprehension, and it breaks all barriers of time, race, ethnicity, age. When love is in charge, nothing goes wrong and “miracles” happen. We experience love in different ways, like enjoying our family,… Read More

My name is Josemar Negreiros. I have decided to write this posting to share how I am healing my grief while driving for Uber and Lyft. A bit about me: I am a Civil Engineer with an Architect soul. I have a small company in Brazil that works with the construction of houses. I live in San Diego, CA, where I have another company Live Cozy San Diego that operates in the… Read More