Your love is the key

YOUR Love is The Key to a Better World

“Love Love. And I mean Love that goes beyond the romantic love that most people think about here. It is a deep, pure Love that, when experienced, is so amazing that it cannot be described in words. It is beyond words. The solution to our problems in our worlds is not going to ultimately come by politics or regulating ethics and morals and whatnot. The solution is coming from a shift in thinking/feeling on a much deeper level. Whether you want to call it a spiritual solution, I leave that up to you. How is this even possible on a population level? Have you ever seen a school of sardines? They swim in unison to appear larger and some meddle a little bit here and there, but they see the value of swimming together. It doesn’t mean they have to give up who they are as an individual; they innately know they become something more and yet remain in their unique sameness. The same exercise can easily be done for us with the right message.            Love Love. See the other as yourself.” Vanhauwe, Jurgen. Waking Up at Both Sides

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