Welcome to Love is the Key. My name is Josemar Negreiros. If you are reading this page, then you must be like me and think that as cliche as it may be to talk about Love, LOVE is the only solution to have a peaceful experience on this planet Earth. There is no politician, and there is no religion, creed, or way of living in a society that is not doomed to failure if Love does not exist. Just pay attention to the course that our planetary community is on. It shows signs of malfunction. The Earth has to adapt to our attempt to destroy it, the greed, exacerbated consumerism and ambition of many, the social difference ignored in most countries, the segregation between people, and even wars generated by the blind faith of some people in their religions or creeds.
On this website, you will find some topics that have always been, will be, and will be part of the collective unconscious or conscious.
The meaning of life, the much-feared Death; Interdimensional Communications (popularly called communication with spirits of the deceased); metaphysical phenomena, God / Source, Negative or positive vibrations, frequencies, religions, Spirituality, Unconditional Love. These are some of the subjects that leave me curious and make me interested in arguing. Most of the things that TV and social media talk about don’t catch my attention. Everything seems to try to alienate us and make us forget the real meaning of being here on Earth, what I believe is ‘To Discover who we really are.’
Thinking or not about those topics does not make us superior nor inferior to others. It just shows that you can be at different frequencies or state of life.
As for our willingness to think about these topics, some of us like to think about them. Others use all possible excuse not to think. Unfortunately, millions of humans have succumbed to their enslaved vegetative robotic lifestyle that does not even allow them an option to think or do not. There are also those with mental disorders. I will write about this in another post, but I will say here that perhaps the so called crazy are just in tuning or frequency of mind in which you are not or cannot perceive.

What differentiates us from other animals is our rationality and ability to think and make decisions. When exempt from conditioning, this is called Free-will. Unfortunately, with the mental manipulations of which humanity has become a victim, we have lost this capacity for self-decision. Without even realizing it, we humans have become almost like slaved machines living in an automatic mode of self-survival. We have forgotten who we really are. We fell into a trap. Our only link to the Source of Everything that exists and to which we belong has been forgotten. We are asleep. The subtlety with which this has been done is impressive. The TV news, Social media, Religions, oppressive governments, some legal or illegal drugs are taking total control about our freedom to live a pulsating life full of self-realization. They use direct or subliminal messages to frighten us and take control of our lives.
Your soul, your spirit is frustrated, and with this comes the depressions, or diseases that lead us to end the game of our existence, our death. And depending on the reality of life, or frequency of life in which you live, you may be induced to return to the same routine and then your enslavement is eternal until the day you wake up and see the trap you are living. Some call this waking up process the ‘Rising from the Veil.’ Or, as in the Matrix movie, taking the blue pill.

You came to life experience to be You, and in this way, to be a co-Creator with everyone in your life reality, and with the Universe.

I prefer to call Universe because the word God has been so linked to religions that it has already lost the real meaning of the word. God, Universe, Creative Source, Greater Power, whatever you call it, is an indescribable Source, and there may be no words to express it. Maybe the best way to have a glance of this greater force, it is through feelings, which are entirely related to our state of consciousness.

Love, joy, peace are the feelings with the highest frequency on Dr. David Hawkins’s scale of emotions. Above them, there is only Full Illumination, or Nirvana, if you prefer to call it that. When true Love is present, nothing else is needed.
Quoting from the book Waking Up At Both Sides, authored by my beloved husband Jurgen Vanhauwe:

“Love Love. And I mean Love that goes beyond the romantic love that most people think about here. It is a deep, pure Love that, when experienced, is so amazing that it cannot be described in words. It is beyond words. The solution to our problems in our worlds is not going to ultimately come by politics or regulating ethics and morals and whatnot. The solution is coming from a shift in thinking/feeling on a much deeper level. Whether you want to call it a spiritual solution, I leave that up to you. How is this even possible on a population level? Have you ever seen a school of sardines? They swim in unison to appear larger and some meddle a little bit here and there, but they see the value of swimming together. It doesn’t mean they have to give up who they are as an individual; they innately know they become something more and yet remain in their unique sameness. The same exercise can easily be done for us with the right message.

Love Love. See the other as yourself.”