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I am a Civil Engineer with an Architect soul. I have a small company in Brazil that works with the construction of houses. I live in San Diego, CA, where I have another company Live Cozy San Diego that operates in the field of Real Estate, hosteling, and tourism. In my free time, I drive for Uber and Lyft. I was born and raised in Brazil where I lived until my early 40’s. In my teenage years, my mom converted from the Catholic Church to a Pentecostal church. I was never satisfied with the idea of a scary and intangible god on heaven, ready to send us to hell because we are just insignificant sinners on Earth. On vacation in Chicago in 2006 and more than tipsy, not to say drunk in a bar, I met my beloved Belgian husband Jurgen Vanhauwe, who was a brilliant scientist with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, specialized in Neuroscience and born and raised in a conservative Belgian Catholic family. He had an intense spiritual awakening (please not to relate this to any form of religion) in 2012 after an out of body experience, becoming a medium. He wrote (channeled) two books talking about the nature of our universe, Source Creator (God), and the pain and suffering he had after his awakening. He passed away in peace three years ago, and one of my missions now is to work in his legacy, to help others who, like me, want to build a better World free of the manipulations of religions and spiritual movement that for millenniums have controlled the human mind. This website is my way to work in the publicity of my blog, that has the same name as his first book “Waking Up At Both Sides.” In this blog, I will, softly and not pretentiously, share episodes of our life, and my life experience after his passing. I will focus on writing about my insights related to topics like interdimensional communication, parallel realities, why we think we need religion, what it could be the god. I want to emphasize that it will not be deep and dense writing. It will be to help us to clear our mind from the old belief system and open it to a different way of thinking. Besides the blog, the website is for the publicity of Jurgen’s legacy. He left almost one hundred of painting arts and two published books. The first one is a non-science fiction named "Waking Up At Both Sides - Discover What You Couldn't Ask," which talks about the nature of this universe. The second one is a science fiction named "The Chronicles of All-Time: Remember to Forget," that creatively talks about the life of Dr. Elliott Himmerept, what it could be his own experience living in an artificial reality in three different timelines (reincarnation or just a game to "higher evolved” beings?). Our great love story is the base of my blog.

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